Meet Our Team

Curt Pratt & Joanie Feledy

Curt from Oklahoma & Joanie a Chicago native met while in the Navy.  After her stint in the Navy, Joanie came to Paradise in 2008 and Curt followed after retiring from the Navy as well in 2011.  Friends of Derek’s since 2009, they joined the team  in 2016, when Curt acquired his agent’s license in March.  They love the peace, quiet and beauty of the Paradise area.

Derek Tait

TaitA Michigan native, Derek moved from Chicago in 2009. After 15 years in hospitality and fund-raising, he returned to Michigan and is very happy to have found a better quality of life in Paradise. Derek became a partner in Real Estate Paradise LLC in 2010. He received his broker’s license in 2016 and became the broker/owner of Real Estate Paradise LLC in May, 2016.