Moran is an unincorporated community in Brevort Township. This community has undergone quite a number of name changes over the years. It was first known as Jacob City, after the president of the German Land Company who had begun the settlement. The community was soon renamed Moran, after William B. Moran, one of the individuals who financed the settlement of the village in the 1880s. That was the name that stuck, though the area also flirted briefly with Allenville at the turn of the century.

This small community is not to be confused with the nearby township of Moran, which is located southwest of Brevort Township. Other nearby communities include St. Ignace, which is located just 13 miles northeast of Moran.Here in Moran you get to enjoy easy access to amazing outdoor destinations and all manner of stunning scenery is never very far away. If you’re looking to escape the hustle and bustle that city life brings, Moran is the perfect getaway.

What’s in the Area

The Brevoort Lake Campground.Located in between Brevoort Lake & Lake Michigan, The 4,233-acre Brevoort Lake serves as a fascinating recreation area where visitors can enjoy various activities like boating, fishing and kayaking. The campground features extensive trails perfect for hiking biking or horseback riding as well as cabins for rent that are ideal for family camping trips.

Sand Dunes Ski Trail.This picturesque ski trail system in the Hiawatha National Forest is composed of seven ski trails offering different skiing experiences for skiers of all levels.

Mackinac Island.Just a ten-minute ferry ride away from Brevoort Lake Campground, this 3.8-acre island features interesting historical sites to visit as well as museums, resorts, hotels, bed and breakfasts, culinary destinations, and various pubs and bars. Two of the notable events that happen here are the Mackinac Island Lilac Festival (held every June) and the Mackinac Island Fudge Festival.