Event Spotlight: The Paradise Wild Blueberry Festival

It’s something of a miraculous transformation, what has taken place in Paradise. Heavily logged during the late 19th to early 20th century, a fire later ravaged the area leaving a desolate landscape with sandy, acidic soil. Who would have thought that all it would take for things to change for the better would be the introduction of a certain berry to the area?

The fields of Paradise are now teeming with life, an ocean of “blue gold” that helped kick-start a new industry in town back in the day. The introduction of blueberries in Paradise gave rise to progress and development in the community and to commemorate this, Paradise celebrates its Wild Blueberry Festival every year.

Held every third weekend of August, the Wild Blueberry Festival celebrates Paradise’s local heritage, culture, arts, and entertainment. Numerous programs and activities are scheduled all throughout the weekend, showcasing everything uniquely Paradise. Everyone is invited to participate, just don’t forget to don a blue outfit for the festival!

Get a taste of what Paradise has to offer in a span of one weekend when you come just in time for the festival. Sample some local goodies at the Arts and Crafts Fair; Paradise locals are notorious for their sinfully delicious homemade blueberry pies, buckles, and muffins.


Other Wild Blueberry Festival Activities


  • Blueberry Jamboree – One of the festival’s main attractions, the Blueberry Jamboree featuresvarious musical acts to celebrate the end of a long and successful day. A perfect way to wind down with friends and family.
  • Blueberry Brunch – Enjoy a lovely brunch that showcases the various local specialties that Paradise has to offer.
  • Blueberry Pie Eating Contest – Just how many blueberry pies can you eat under a given period of time? Join this contest, usually held at Kid’s Craft Tent, to find out. The pie eating contest is open for kids ages 13 and under.