Start Exploring Tahquamenon Falls State Park Today

Apart from great views and untouched natural beauty, the Tahquamenon Falls State Park offers plenty of opportunities for great outdoor adventure. With 46,179 acres of pristine forestland that stretches 13 miles, the state park is one of the region’s most fascinating getaways.

The state park’s main attraction is the famous Tahquamenon River and its waterfalls, which feature a drop of more than 50 feet and a width that stretches up to 200 feet. Considered one of the largest waterfalls in the state, this is also called “Rootbeer Falls” due to its distinct amber hue caused by tannins coming from the swamp areas.


More than just hiking

You can take your pick from all kinds of activities in or near the state park – from kayaking or canoeing at the mouth of the Two Hearted River, Horseback Riding at Wildridge Riding Stables, or going on a riverboat tour that will take you on a 21-mile cruise along the Tahquamenon River.

There are also all-terrain vehicles and utility task vehicles available at the Tahquamenon Falls Camp Store that you can rent if you wish to explore off-road terrain. A lot of areas near the park are undeveloped and unpaved to maintain the area’s natural terrain.



The state park has four campgrounds for visitors to choose from. The two campgrounds located in the Lower Falls area have 90 campsites each and feature amenities like electricity, a hot shower, flush toilets and sanitation stations. The two campgrounds located at the Rivermouth Unit are characterized as more rustic and the 136 campsites that can be found here have no electricity, but come with picnic tables and fire pits for campers to utilize during their stay.



More than 300 species of birds pass through the state park every year, as they pass through Whitefish Point and head to and from Canada. Birding is one of the most popular tourist activities when in the state park, as it promises a unique, memorable experience every time.


Restaurants and Shopping

The state park even has its very own fine dining restaurant and bar. Head over to the Tahquamenon Falls Brewery and Pub for a wide array of delicious handcrafted local beer and gourmet cuisine that will surely satisfy your hunger after a day of exploring around the park. End the day at Camp 33 Gift Shop for some souvenirs, fine art pieces, jewelry and clothing from local artists and artisans.